Wallpaper 3

Today I was glad to find back my Knots Landing' (Côte Ouest) video tape... And watch few episodes where Val hesitate to divorce from Gary and then decide to become a star writer in New-York! That was very nice!

Here is a new wallpaper with a rare picture of the eighties...
Joan Van Ark


Wallpaper 2

Here is another wallpaper inspired by "Knots Landing" the two pictures represent the great period of the 80's, the official house and then the "together again" reunion!

Also take a look at this page. And don't forget that Joan has an official page on facebook & an official website (in the links).

And at this fabulous recent video with the cast of KL where Joan, Donna Mills & Michelle Lee give an interview:



wallpaper 1

Here is a wallpaper of Joan Van Ark with a classical picture of the 80's, there will be many others!

This is the glorious period of Knots Landing!

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Côte Ouest Memory

"Côte Ouest" is the french name for "Knots Landing", I used to be a fan of this soap serie as I was a teen...

Here I imagined a DVD cover for this wonderfull tv show, because in France we only have the first season, it's a shame...

Hope you'll appreciate the design!


Here is a wallpaper for your desktop with the video-captures of Joan Van Ark in the famous TV show about plastic surgery Nip/Tuck.

Joan is very funny in her role as Annette Wainwright, and she also plays with her co-star of Knots Landing: the fabulous Donna Mills who played "Lulu Grandiro" (In France we don't have names like that please!) a crazy woman who ends up looking like a monster!.... Poor Donna!


Welcome to my blog devoted to the one & only: Joan Van Ark!
She's an iconic actress of the 80's, a queen of soap operas!

She is famous for her long years' role of Valene in Knots Landing, but then played in the Young & the Restless, and now in Nip/Tuck! She's been also featured in many films.

Discover everything about Joan here!